A Quick Overview

This campaign is set in the Koronus Expanse and draws heavily on published material. It highlights the voyages of the House Candalith frigate, Xenophon’s March after reaching Port Wander.

An Explanation

This is my first time using this but I thought it might be an interesting element to add to the game. Obvioulsy this is for the Rogue Trader campaign that we just started. Anyway the main point of this is that you can use it to add information about your character and track your progress through the campaign. Hopefully it will allow us to review the campaign between sessions as we all know the longer campaigns sometimes have significant interuptions. I’ll be using it for campaign notes and things that happen in between game sessions. We’ll see how it goes and if people like it, I’ll keep using it.


Backgrounds & Endeavors

As players I encourage you to flush out your character’s background and consider what sort of endeavors that you might be interested in seeing in the game. As the GM I’m able to post both player secrets and GM only content on here. So I can document things that are going on with your characters that the other players won’t be able to see, as well as plot lines and other details.

The Map

The map will represent your starcharts in the Koronos Expanse. I can place tags on the map that link back to wikipages for new locations, endeavors, etc. Hopefully this will end up working a little like the map in Mass Effect 2 and allow you to see all the possible things you can do at any one location.

One Flew Over the Koronus Expanse

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