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These are the players for the campaign:


I’d very much like for each of you to consider writing up a character background that I can include on this site.

Hold Fast and Triage

As part of my review of how the space combat went last session I have discovered we miss played these two extended actions. In both cases the loss cannot be mitigated below 1. Since your ship only suffered 1 loss to both morale and crew as result of the critical hit, these actions would have no effect.

On Hellguns

Having done a tiny amount of research into the Hellgun’s Penetration Value, here’s my current ruling on Hellguns. Hellguns PV and all other statisitcs will be used as presented in the RT rulebook. It appears the difference in stats comes from the fact that the Hellgun got a significant boost in its AP stat for the 5th edition of Warhammer 40K, and so adjustments were made for RT as well. It appears in terms of game mechanics what makes Bolters stand out as superior from Hellguns is the Tearing characteristic. Further play will help us determine if we as group feel thathey are too over-powered for the campaign or not. Be aware of course that you could also be facing enemies equipped with Hellguns at some point, or for that matter something much worse.

A Ships Heirarcy

I am providing a link to this organizational chart that I think might be interesting for giving you a scope of how big your’s ships crew and operations really are. I’ll plug in your appropriate position titles based on this chart, in your Character information. Obviously Josh’s character is the Lord-Captain.

Warp Travel

It does indeed appear that we have been running space travel & time passage correctly. Your navigator’s estimate of the time it takes to travel is the only measure of elapsed time you have to work from. You do know how long you have been in the Warp. In order to find out for sure what time it is or how much real time has elapsed while you were in the Warp you will have to make contact with a local system ship, station, beacon, planet, etc. Comparing time with another Warp-faring vessel is not helpful. As such when you arrive in a system via Warp-travel you will not know the effects of your Tempermental Warp Engine or any other factors immediately.

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