The Xenophon’s March has reached Footfall. This page will be used to track events on Footfall.

The Passage of Time

Imperial time on Footfall is 1.149.816M41. Xenophon’s March left Port Wander 54 days, 8 hours, and 38 minutes ago, at Imperial time 0.0.816M41.

Things to Do

1. Unload passengers and survivors. This includes the gambler, the survivors of the Emperor’s Bounty and the Penitent Traveller, Martek the Just and his remaining non-mutant followers.

2. Meet with local contact and deliver the cargo of books from Port Wander.

3. Any requisitions.

4. Replenish Crew & Morale.

5. Gather Information.

6. Memorial Service for 20 Stormtroopers lost in battle.


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