Psycharus Worm

A tarnished brass maggot about six inches in length.


This curio was recovered from the Emperor’s Bounty it had attached itself to the ship’s navigator. killing the Navigator caused it fall off and become inert. It is cold and greay to the touch. It shows no signs of life or mechanical automation. In short at this point it makes for an odd paper-weight. Given that it is likely xeno archeotech and a Halo Device, it may prove extremely valuable to the right buyer. Being caught in possession of it by an Inquisitorial agent or smuggling it into the Imperium would be considered an act of high heresy.


This item triggered the encounter with the YuVath trap by interfacing with shipboard systems and steering the ship into it through the Warp. The artifact was located and jettisoned from the ship along with the servitor it was inbedded in. The artifact was last spotted at the top of the YuVath tower where the torpedo warhead was detonated. It is thought to have been destroyed in the resulting explosion and destruction of the YuVath trap. Though it has been thought to have been destroyed at least once already.

Psycharus Worm

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