One Flew Over the Koronus Expanse

Into the Maw

Xenophon’s March under command of Lord Agrestes of House Candalith made dock at Port Wander and re-established the presence of House Candalith in the sector. Responding to a missive from a loyal servant Orbest Dray the Lord and his retinue made their way to the Court of the Dead for a clandestine meeting. Dray revealed the long kept secret of the location of the treasure ship the Righteous Path. A botched ambush resulted in the secret of the location being discerned by House Fel.

From the House Candalith records and through some hasty dealings in the Gilt Processionals the crew was able to secure both a Writ of Claim to The Emperor’s Bounty and its location in the Maw. In return for his knowledge of the location one eager to leave gambler has been granted passage to Footfall.

Also joining the crew of the Xenophon’s March is the wisened but loyal Orbest Dray, who proudly served Lord Agrestes’ great-grandfather over hundred years ago. His knowledge of the Koronos Expanse may yet prove valuable to the great House.

Having secured a star chart showing the location of the lost system of Magoros in Winterscale’s Realm from Magnate Scrivener Journ in the Chambers of Gold the Lord Agreste was prepared to set out after the Righteous Path. The crew stowed Journ’s questionable cargo of books in the smugglers hold, to be delivered clandestinely to a contact of Journ’s on Footfall. The Xenophon’s March disembarked from Port Wander and translated to the warp for its first journey into the Maw, hot on the heels of Hadarak Fel and the Fell Hand.



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