One Flew Over the Koronus Expanse

Forsaken Bounty

On route to chase down the Righteous Path, Lord Agrestes of House Candalith executed the great House’s Writ of Claim on the light crusier Emperor’s Bounty. This breif stop in the Maw’s Battlefield netted the Rogue Trader his first real significant gain in the sector. Over the course of several hours the intrepid Lord-Captian and his steadfast crew navigated the debris field successfully in a small craft,set foot upon the wreck, and freed it from the grasp of some strange Xeno Archeotech, which when powered by warp energies developed a dark sentience, that was capable of possessing a Navigator and raising the dead to do its bidding. In the process of awakening the Machine Spirit of the Emperor’s Bounty Xavius was able to restore the ships Cogitator and raise the Gellar Fields. Helm control was restored to the Emperor’s Bounty and the badly wounded cruiser was piloted slowly and clumsily out of the debris field. The Xeno Archeotech was recovered and transfered with survivors from the Emperor’s Bounty to the Xenophon’s March. The survivors were placed under quarantine and treated for malnutrition, exposure, and dehydration. The ultimate fate of the survivors and the Xeno Archeotech have not yet been determined.



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